Christian and Jewish History in Istanbul

Guard at the Sultan's Palace, Istanbul

Today we went to the Dolmabehce Palace in the morning. It is an extremely large building built after Versailles in France. The chandelier in the main room weighs over 4 tons and is suspended from the domed ceiling. The sultan kept his family in this palace in the 19th century – today it’s visited by thousands of people each day. Photos were not allowed inside 😦

Grounds of the Sultan's palace, Istanbul

New and old, Istanbul

Then we visited both a Jewish museum and  a Greek Orthodox and an Armenian church. The Museum of Modern Art was also on today’s program, and it was a large and well-aranged space with plenty of light. Some of the paintings were obviously heavily influenced by artists such as Cezanne, Monet and other impressionists, but the more recent work had greater originality. Again, no photos allowed 😦

Church Altar, Istanbul

Portriat of Barak Obama in Baclava

For lunch we stopped at a cafe and loaded up on baclava and spinach pie. Before visiting the churches, I made some photographs on the street in downtown Istanbul.

Aerial Staircase, Istanbul

2 Rowboats, Istanbul

Small Window, Istanbul

Magic Windows, Istanbul

Angular Window, Istanbul

Freedom of Color, Istanbul

We have to be up at 5am tomorrow for an early departure to the Greek/Bulgarian border area!

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