The Mosques and Markets of Bursa

Preparing to enter the mosque

We spent the day today exploring the city of Bursa further, both in terms of the mosques and the markets. It was a nice blend of guided tours and time to explore on our own.

Market scene in Bursa

Raw silk being prepared for use

Bursa has traditionally been an important location for the silk trade, and there is a lively market specializing in that fabric, especially scarves. We saw the progression of silk from cocoon to finished product, and there is no shortage of stores from which to purchase a scarf.

Shops in the silk market, Bursa

Fruit at the market, Bursa

Although the silk shops are on the upper floor, the market in Bursa has many other shops on the lower floor. Food is in abundance, as you can see from the fruit pictured above.In addition, farmers grow beans and fishermen bring their daily catch to the market.

Vegetables in red and green, Bursa

Selling dough for baclava


Fish for sale

The mosques in Turkey welcome non-muslims and allow photography. At times, we have had the local imams speak to us about their mosques or bless us for our visits. What follows are some photographs from one such mosque in Bursa.

Reading the Koran

The Kebab slicer

Waiting for the food to ripen

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