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I photograph the landscape and other subjects that interest me, and travel is an important part of my work. Through my travel photography workshops, I take people to some great locations for photography. I teach full-time at Washtenaw Community College and in the summer I also conduct workshops at the Maine Media Workshops.

Which came first, the Turkey or the egg?

We were told today that according to unconfirmed sources, the bird was named after the country. During the Revolutionary War, Turks came to America to support the fight against the  British, and as a reward, Americans named the big bird … Continue reading

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Topkapi Palace & the Mosque

The Topkapi Palace is a very beautiful place, with lavish grounds on a high hill overlooking the Bosphorus Strait. It consists of many buildings and plentiful grounds, and it was packed with tourists on the day of our visit. This … Continue reading

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The Blue Mosque, Haghia Sophia Mosque and sailing the Bosphorus Strait

Today was action-packed, visiting some of the most famous sites in Istanbul. Not mentioned above were the Antiquities Museum which has an incredible collection of sculpture and architectural elements dating from around the 1st century A.D. Then we went to … Continue reading

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Flying from Detroit to Istanbul

The surprise at the Detroit airport was the line of 10 armed guards in the jetway, interrogating and scrutinizing the passengers as they were boarding the plane. I haven’t seen that before, but maybe because we left the day after … Continue reading

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Terry’s Turkey Blog (the country, not the bird)

This all began with a generous offer from the Turkish Cultural Foundation to participate in a cultural exchange tour to Turkey. As I pack and prepare for the trip, I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in this exciting … Continue reading

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